Inside North Korea Alien Technology More Advanced Than US. Day X Of Big War Is Set

It’s imminent now, President Trump pull out over 1,000 retired pilots and returned 75 B-52 nuclear bomber and 15 nuclear submarines for 24 hours duty – the first time since the cold war ended. Each day of their operations costs Americans tens of million of dollars. Roughly a million dollar per hour. No country can afford to keep it doing it for long. What you are seeing now is this top secret device installed in Japan by US military is protecting us from North Korea missiles. Well, in our dreams. Last time North Korea shoot a single rocket over this missile defense to test it and it didn’t even had time to fire. What if they launch 10 missiles or 100 for that matter? Now for the first time in history you shall see inside Super Secret North Korea Nuclear Missiles base. And you shall be amazed how technologically advanced they are. United States military intelligence and CIA were dying to see this footage.
And here it is – obtained by Kryan Channel though our Russian friends. No one could ever obtain it but Kryan channel did the impossible and brought it to you. I cannot overstate the significance of what you are seeing right now. So if you thought that North Korea will be launching bottle rockets at us like people of Afghanistan did – see in awe their state of art launching facilities – they are superior to what we have in the United States. Yes, they were lucking rocket engines to reach continental US, but no more. Ukrainian Rocket Plant Yuzhmash supplied them not only with engines but with entire assembly line this year and now they constructing on average one missile a week that can reach United States. Now they have about 10 of them but in a couple of years they will have 100.
They tell you that North Korea will use World War 2 era Russian tanks T-34 against third millennium United States Abrams. But what we are seeing from another top secret footage provided by our Russian friends – those are not T-34 those are Ukrainian T-84. And its 120mm cannon packs more firepower than American Abrams M1 105mm cannon. But tanks battlefields are the thing of the past. Modern tank is a dinosaur on the battle field. Those are the very different and much more deadly machines that we will have to deal in the war with North Korea. Each of them pack 100 Kiloton nuclear war head. One of those over San Francisco or Los Angeles. And have you been counting – how many they had in October 2017 in this another top secret never before seen footage we are showing you? And Fat Kim has one more trick in his pocket – Korean Subway system. It’s built hundreds of feet deep inside bedrock and no weapon in US military arsenal: conventional or nuclear can penetrate it. So even if America will fire all 2,000 nukes on Korea, Kim and hundreds of thousands of his soldiers can simply wait it out in subway. Now you are seeing another top secret footage of what no westerner was ever allowed to film – North Korea last and best defense against any imaginable attack buried hundreds of feet in the bed rock.
This winter Kryan channel will take you to top secret North Korea Bio facility that no westerner seen before.